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Others have copied, but NO Gauge Arm on the market comes close to our Quality, Strength, and Reliability. Just ask anyone that has them!

Have used Coyote arms for 3 years, starting with a few rows, and now have the whole planter completed. Using a John Deere DB120, 48 Row, plant 10,000 acres/year. Have had no bearing failures, there is less plugging, and the big thing is NO GREASING and adjusting!

Tom Sloan - Colby, KS

We have used the gauge wheel arms on our planters for years. They are, without a doubt, the best investment. The time savings is great! Our gauge wheels move like they should all day long. Before we were told about the gauge wheel arms, we were greasing every day, if not twice a day, in some different settings. We are now able to plant 80 acres more per day between our two planters.

Dawson Welch - Moorefield, NE

Used the Coyote Arm for 2 years on a John Deere 1770NT and planted 10k acres/year. These arms are a HUGE improvement over OEM.

Dave Ball - Rexford, KS

We put the Coyote Gauge Arm on 2 24-row planters. Each planter covered a little over 4000 acres. The arms remained tight through those acres. The gauge wheels remained adjusted properly against the double disc openers. We did install new discs on the one planter toward the end of the season. Simply put the original shims back on and tighten the gauge arm bolt. The gauge wheel tire was set again. We think these Coyote Machining Gauge Arms will last for years. We ran the 4 State Hard Gauge Wheel Tire with this arm. That is a great combination. The arm and the hardened tire showed almost zero wear. I think it will be years before replacing either one. If we trade planter’s, we plan on keeping these arms and tires and putting them on the new planters.

Michael Slack, Oxford, KS

Have used the improved gauge arms in the field for more than 8 years. Have more consistent planting and better yields. No more constantly greasing these arms. Have gotten rid of the problem of always readjusting the gauge arms.

D.S. - Culbertson, NE