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Coyote Gauge Arm

Coyote Gauge Arm

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Coyote Gauge Arm - Precision Upgrade for Planters

Elevate your planting game with the Coyote Gauge Arm, a revolutionary replacement part designed for any row unit that uses a 16mm Bolt. Engineered for precision and built to enhance efficiency, this innovative solution redefines the very essence of planting technology.

Key Features: Sealed Bearings for Hassle-Free Maintenance: Say goodbye to the constant greasing hassle. Our sealed bearings ensure smooth operations, eliminating the need for regular maintenance and allowing your planter arms to move freely without seizing up.

Precision Design for Consistent Yields: Our gauge arm's precision design ensures fine adjustment, eradicates side slack, and provides consistent planting depth, leading to improved seed spacing and ultimately better yields.

Compatibility and Durability: Compatible with a wide range of planter models, the Coyote Gauge Arm is crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in various agricultural settings.

The Coyote Gauge Arm is more than an upgrade – it's a solution that empowers farmers with increased planting efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced yield quality. Its innovative design promises a planting experience where precision meets durability, providing the reliability you need for consistent, high-quality results in every field.

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